Monday, April 10, 2006

I am so partied out

I had a great weekend. Friday night was my girlfriend's last night to work overnight, now she's on the day shift! That in itself is great news.

Work Friday was an easy day. I only work 5 hours on Fridays and spent 4 of those in a First Aid/CPR class. Not a bad way to spend a work day, definitely could come in handy one day. Friday night I had plans to go out with a new friend, 'Cole. She's from TN, just moved here about 6 months ago to take a job. Her girlfriend and 3 other friends came to visit for the weekend and we hit the town. Her friends were a trip! I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. We went to some new places I hadn't been too. Didn't get home 'til 4:30 in the morning. Shit I'm gettin too old for that.

Saturday we ran around all day, grocery shopping, taking kids here and there, just running errands. We planned to spend a quiet night at home, watching a movie. We had just settled down when 'Cole called, she needed us to bring something over to her. They were getting ready to go out and talked us into going. Oh man these girls were cracking us up! So we rushed home to get ready and headed back downtown. Had another great time and possibly drank too much. Got home about 4:00.

Sunday my sister woke us up around noon; time to get started on my niece's birthday party. I picked up my kids; my girlfriend and all the kids headed out to the lake and my sister and I headed to the store. We cooked out, drank beer, played volleyball, and I stayed away from the water. It was a beautiful day but no way was going anywhere near the cold water. We came home and went to bed early. All in all, it was an awesome weekend!
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  At 9:05 AM Blogger Zoe said:
Sounds like a great time. How are you even moving this morning? I just can't party like that anymore. I may still get carded, but I'm too old for that level of party committment.
  At 9:45 AM Blogger Unbalanced said:
Zoe, I am not even sure how I am moving this morning when all I want to do is go back to bed. I am too old for this. I haven't done that is a LONG time. I feel like a ZOMBIE this morning. But it was fun!!! At least that something right.
  At 8:19 PM Blogger SassyFemme said:
Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Play a little, get a little accomplished, just enjoy time. Those always make the best days!
  At 6:24 AM Blogger Syd said:
My body aches from just reading this. But it still sounds like a great time.