Friday, March 07, 2008

Three's Company

Wow, I know it's been a LONG time since I've posted and I can't say I'll be posting with any sort of regularity but I did want to share some news. My sister had the triplets last weekend. They are all doing great. They were born early Sunday morning. All during the pregnancy the babies were labeled baby A, B, and C so my sister decided to name them according to their womb initial. They were born in alphabetical order. Addisynn Grace was born at 1:13 am, weighed 4 lbs 6.6 oz, and was 16 1/4 in. Brooklynn Malynn was born at 1:14 pm, weighed 4 lbs 2.7 oz, and was 17 1/4 in. Cydnee Anivel was born at 1:16 am, weighed 3 lbs 6.1 oz, and was 15 in. They are absolutely adorable! Here are some pictures:

(unfortunately the ink was running low on Brooklynn's)

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