Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Late Manic Monday - May 28

Manic Monday

Ok, so Monday was so Manic I didn't even get to do Manic Monday on Monday. Psht! Go figure. Actually yesterday was the first day I've had off since my return from vacation in March. So I attacked a MASSIVE mountain of laundry and some other equally mundane tasks and then spent the rest of my day watching episode after episode of Dr. Phil. Hi, my name is Unbalanced. I am a Dr. Phil addict. Anyway, so on to my missed Manic Monday meme.

What's your favorite food item that is in your refrigerator right now? I think that would have to be pepperjack cheese. YUMMY!!!

Do you enjoying barbecuing on the grill? What's something that you make often? I myself do not enjoy cooking on the grill, I don't enjoy cooking anywhere really. In fact, the closest I've come to grilling would be throwing some pre-made hamburger patties on my George Forman grill.

What one item (kitchen gadget, appliance, food item) in your kitchen best describes your personality? Why? Wow, that's a hard one to answer... especially since I have no idea what some of those things are in my kitchen. ???

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  At 11:33 AM Blogger JennieBoo said:
I heart pepper jack cheese, too! A little spicy kick when you least expect it...

Anywho...congrats on ya'll's 5 month anniversary. If it's anything like ours, it will FLY by. Has it been 5 years, already?

Enjoy & best of luck!

Did you guys have a good Memorial Day?

See ya!
  At 4:13 PM Blogger Sinclair said:
Anything on the GF is pseudo-grilling at best. I thoroughly dislike it.

As of Dr. Phil... um... yeah. :oP

  At 7:33 PM Blogger SassyFemme said:
Oh I love grilling, it makes everything taste so much better to me! I think I like because you season it, toss it on, flip it once or twice, and it's done. Easier to me than cooking in the kitchen.
Cheese seems to be a favorite of many. It would go great with the wine that I picked as my favorite.

I take it that you aren't a cook. ;-)

Thanks for playing and have a great week.