Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Boundaries people! Boundaries!

WTH is wrong with boundaries? I mean they're there for a reason. I'm really gonna have to go over some boundaries with my mom. If you've been around here (meaning my blog) long enough you already know the conversation with my mom about sex not too long ago. Today... I was again subjected to a conversation with my mom that I'd rather not ever have again nor have had in the first place. I swear this woman needs some FRIENDS!

(some of my thoughts are in italics throughout the narration of the conversation)
Mom - Honey, I've got to tell you about the funniest thing that happened the other night. I decided to give D a full body massage. So I got the oil-
Me - WAIT! Is this about sex?
Mom - *laughs* no honey not at all. So I got the oil and I started at his feet and then he rolled over so I could do his back.
Me - uh huh (I'm scared where this is going)
Mom - *laughs* well we'd just gotten out of the shower
Me - (oh no, oh no, I'm really scared)
Mom - *still laughing* and we didn't bother to get dressed
Me - (WARNING! WARNING! unwanted information coming too fast to stop)
Mom - so you have to picture D naked and all oily *laughing*
Me - (OMFG NOOOOOO! Unwanted mental flash I SO did not want. WHY they hell would I want to picture D NAKED MOTHER!!!!!!!)
Mom - so I was going to sit on his butt to massage his back and I slid right off *belly laughing*
Me - (Oh no, I just can't believe you just told me this. I don't want to know all this) *silence*
Me - that's funny mom *not laughing*
Mom - I know that's why I had to tell you *laughing
Me - (no you didn't, really... you shouldn't have)

Obviously next time I ALSO need to ask if her story contains NUDITY!

Do you think this is just payback for all the hell I put her thru as a child?
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Monday, July 24, 2006

Conversations I don't like so much

An old friend of mine fowarded an email to me with some funny story and a hunky guy, the following conversation followed:

Unbeliever - now what if you had a guy like that?? would you go for it?
Me - nah... i'd pass him off to you :P
Unbeliever - whatever LIAR
Me - i wouldn't lie to you :D hmmmmm... i wonder if he has a sister???

Question... do you think the "all caps" in this conversation means she's yelling at me? Why do I feel the need to defend myself to her? I'm sure if confronted she would say that she was only "teasing" me. Truth is I don't see her very often at all. Probably haven't seen her in a year. We talk often on the computer and I never realized she felt this way. Then again, maybe I'm just overreacting. I was going to end the conversation by not responding after that last statement but then I happen to find the t-shirts that I posted just before this one. So I sent her the first one. hehehe
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Excuse me mister...

I love these T-Shirts!!! I particularly want this one...

Gotta love these too...

*this post has been dedicated to Syd, because I know how you love T-Shirts*
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So Unexpected

C called me at work and the following conversation followed:

C - What are you doing?
Me - Working
C - Are you ready to get off?
Me - Yeah, I just don't want to be here today.
C - That's not what I was talking about.

You know when one sentence can send chills thru your body. Hmmmm, love those unexpected conversations.
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Look closely

I love that these two words exist in one.
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Friday, July 07, 2006

Something is off

I really hate when these periods of time come in my life when I just don't know what to do. When I don't completly understand what is going on with me. I mean I know what is going on with me but I can't understand why. I hate when life is going along in a certain direction and you think everything's ok, not necessarily great, but that you are on the right path. Then all of a sudden, it changes. You're not sure you're on the right path anymore and now you just don't know what to do to sort it all out. I HATE feeling unsure and insecure. Yet I find myself there all over again. I can't like it.

My horoscope for today lends some good advice:
As the Moon leaves your sign for her monthly visit to optimistic Sagittarius, you'll probably react in one of two ways. If everything is going well, you may feel a powerful surge of energy. But if you are in emotional turmoil now, today could be a low point. If this is the case, don't push it; use this time to retreat and recharge. Either way you have an opportunity to make positive changes, but you must be creative in your approach to get what you desire.
It really is too bad everything is not going well, I'm missing out on a powerful surge of energy right now. (Hard to retreat with 3 kids around)
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I missed me

Did u?

Wow, has it really been almost a month??? I can't believe it. Sorry I haven't been around much, life's been a little hectic lately. Plus, it's been busy at work, which is where I normally get online.

I hope all my blog friends are doing well and I know I haven't been around to your blogs so long, I'm so far behind and I apologize. I miss ya'll (said with true Texan accent). So here goes, I'm going to try to do a quick update.

  • My sister - in jail, likely for up to 75 more days then it's off to treatment facility, yay! We visit her every Sunday 35 miles away, I'm always needing to write her a letter, call her lawyer, call her bail bondsmen, call her boyfriend, get her money, give her money, send her money, pay my outrageous phone bill, call her friend for money, send her books, it never ends.
  • My mom - my mom had back/neck surgery on the 13th was released on the 15th, re-admitted on 16th and re-released on 20th. worry, worry, worry. I visited her as much as possible 30 minutes away, take my girlfriend back and forth to school at night so I have the car. get to sleep around midnight. my mom is out now but could possibly be going back. She's been coughing a lot, to the point where she can't keep anything down.
  • Kids - 13 year old's good friend was in town visiting family so i've been running her all over, back and forth, up and down. 13 and attitude... need i say more?
  • EX - had to have another discussion with him last week about custody of the kids. He thinks they would be better off with him full time. Go figure. Asshole.
  • I was on vacation last week and a good friend of mine, I'll call her Turtle, came to visit (had to prepare house while 3 kids are running around, impossible) She came in on Sunday, as soon as I picked her up have to drive 13 year old 2 hours away so she can then be taken 5 hours away to visit with her Nana and cousin for the month of July (at least i don't have to drive her all the way there). Anyway, I had a wonderful vacation. We did so many things, yet it was relaxing at the same time. We stayed up all ours of the night and slept in each day, we went gambling in Shreveport (C was the only winner of that trip with $200 on the penny slots), Turtle and C got tattoos, did a little sight seeing, went tubing on the lake (Ouch! boy we were sore the next day), went to the waterpark and rode the SkyCoaster (that was the coolest!!!), went to the horse races, drove to Houston and went clubbing, stayed up all night watching the sunrise on the Canal in Galveston, and loved every minute of it!!! I definitely need more vacations like that.

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