Thursday, March 23, 2006

History #2

Growing up everyone thought I would be the one to go wild. Maybe I would have had there not been an intervention. It was my 8th grade year. We lived in a large apartment complex and over time my mom had made a really good friend in her neighbor. I also made a really good friendship with a girl my age who lived in the same complex. That summer my mom decided we would move. She did this a lot, whenever things were not going well we ended up moving. This time it would be to my grandmother's (my mom's foster mother) in Illinois.

So my mom sold everything we owned that we couldn't fit in the car and off we went. I hated it. Living with my grandmother was not fun. My sister and I were BORED. There were no kids that lived on her street. We were not allowed to play our Nintendo because my grandmother did not use electricity until 6:00 at which time only one TV was allowed to be on and she had control of it. My mom was gone all day working and it being summer we were left home.

My sister's father also lives in this area so we started going to his place during the day. We could play Nintendo there and walk to the candy store. He would spend ours at the coffee shop with his friends, my sister and I would sit there and drink hot chocolate and sneak off the the bathroom to smoke cigarettes. This was much better than Grandma's house.

Until one day. About a month after we moved there, something really bad happened at his house. I was so scared but had to keep a brave face for my sister who was younger and now emotionally damaged. I was angry. I called my mom right away. I don't remember how long it took, all I know is one day this horrible thing happened and then the next thing I remember we were moving back to where we came from.

I was so relieved. I couldn't wait to move back to my friends. Thing was we didn't have a place to live anymore. So my mom talked to her friend from our old apartment complex and she said we could come stay with her. Problem was, there was already a house full of people. She had 2 kids, her sister and her kid lived there, and a grandchild. So my best friend asked her mom if I could stay with them. She agreed and I think that is where my life changed.

More later...
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  At 2:37 PM Blogger Syd said:

patiently, of course. It's my understanding that work and kids tend to take a little time out of one's day. :)
  At 2:40 PM Blogger Unbalanced said:
lol, thanks syd for you patience.