Monday, March 13, 2006

Topic of discussion between my family: My sex toys

This weekend started off with a bang. My soon to be EH sent me a text messages asking that I make sure I put my toys away because my oldest daughter had seen them. Oh boy! First of all, I am not negligent with my "delicate" things. I put them up where they belong. Second of all, this is not something my daughter would talk to him about. Weird. So, I asked my daughter about it and (long story short) she talked to her aunt, who told her husband (my EH's twin), who told EH. It seems that when my daughter's long time best friend came to spend the weekend with us, she was digging in my closet. Although her friend did discover them, then showed them to my daughter, she made sure to iterate that it's normal for couples to have those, even her grandparents have them. WTF!!! TMI!!! (Snoopy, snoopy child) Well at least we weren't the only victims of this girl, she apparently has been digging in her grandparents drawers and closet.

My relationship with my girlfriend has been very hard for my husband to deal with. So you could say this was not a very comfortable piece of information for him to know. My daughter was so upset that she had inadvertently trusted someone who was now obviously not worthy. She felt like she was partly to blame for her dad hurting. I was pleasantly surprised at how mature she was about all of it though. She amazes me everyday.

My relationship has been hard for her too, and her ages doesn't help. I remember just how bad my life sucked with I was almost 13. Last night my girlfriend and I were cuddling in our bedroom listening to music and FBD (First Born Daughter) came in. She was irritated to have walked in on us showing that little bit of affection. But then later she came to me and told me that I need to do what makes me happy, even if it's not what everyone else wants. I was so proud of her. We just take it day by day... and little by little it really does get better.
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  At 4:54 PM Blogger Syd said:
THAT was some post!

OMG, you must want to pull your hair out some days. I love the way you handled this with your daughter. I wish my mother had been open with me on many things. Okay, not sex toys...but other things. :)
  At 10:04 PM Blogger Zoe said:
I don't envy you, but at least you didn't have to retrieve your toys form your neighbors driveway.
  At 1:09 PM Blogger Unbalanced said:
Syd - Thanks for stopping by and Welcome! I do want to pull my hair out, kick something, run away, or just something most days. I do try to be the kind of mother that she can discuss anything with. But... my toys??? Yeah, didn't think it was gonna go there at this age, thought I had some years for that one. Boy it scares me to think how much she knows.

Zoe - I read that post on your blog and SO laughed my ass off. The poor officer, I'm sure he wasn't sure how to handle that one. Yes, at least that hasn't happened to me. But who knows what will be next.