Monday, February 27, 2006

Another first! A Day at the Spa

I love this blog The Big Question. It's fun to go in each day and see what new question will be up.

Well this weekend was a roller coaster. Up and down, up and down.

Friday - I got work at 1:00 and stopped and pick up some lunch. Then went to Daired's for my appointment at the spa. I have never been but my girlfriend bought me a package for Valentine's Day. I have wanted to go and get a full on massage for so long, but never bought it for myself. So, I was so excited. The package I got was called Chocolate Decadence. So I show up and as soon as I walked into this place I was already starting to relax, a little. There was a wall of water splashing into a pool. Let me just say that I expected to feel anxious, being my first time, not knowing exactly what to expect. I also expected it to be a relaxing place, I just was a little suprised at my ability to be relaxed in this situation. Does that even make sense?

So, to start off, I'm taken to a dressing room, given a robe and sandals, a locker, and a place to change in. I'm so nervous, trying to decide... leave the panies on or take them off. In the end I decided to be grown up about it and that I could handle being naked. Also, I didn't want to end up wishing I had removed them especially during some of the treatments. I mean they are professionals, this is what they do. Anyway, once I was robed I waited in this little lobby. It was so dim in there, but I was nervous. Next thing I know my name is being called.

Off to the massage I go. I was to recieve a Chocolate Rasberry Pangea Massage. The room was small, but I noticed all the things done to make it as relaxing as possible. Simple but beautiful decor. The ceiling was all bamboo. The music was great, again dim lights. So, she told me to lie face down under the sheet and left the room. So I removed my robe, hung it on the back of the door, slid out of my sandals and layed my naked self down on the table and made sure all pertinent areas were covered. Ok... little nervous now. She came back in and told me that she was going to get started and asked if there were any areas I would like her to concentrate on. I told her my neck/shoulder area and my lower back often hurt. Let me say that it did not take me long AT ALL to get relaxed. She did an amazing job working all the kinks out. She massaged my back, shoulders, and neck for a long time. Then the back of my arms, then moved on to the back of my legs and my feet. After a little while she told me to roll over. She sat the table up a little bit to make it more comfortable, placed a hot towel roll under my neck and a washcloth over my eyes. Then she massaged my arms, down to my hands. My legs and feet. Then my shoulders, my neck, my face, and my head. It was wonderful. After she was done she stepped out of the room. I put my robe and slippers back on and she was waiting for me outside with a glass of ice water. I was escorted to the spa lounge to wait for the next round.

Next was the scrub, a Chocolate Cake Scrub. I walked into a room called a Vicci Shower (I think that was how it was spelled). I was left to lie on a table with a disposable undies (for more coverage), and 2 hand towels, each one folder to cover a minimal area. One to cover my chest and the other to cover my groin. By now though I was way past being nervous. I was totally enjoying the experience and everyone there was doing everything possible to make me comfortable and relaxed, without it feeling weird. So anyway, on to the scrub. It was so cool. There was this metal arm that extended over the table with about 6 shower heads on it. So once the water was warm to my tastes, the arm was slowly moved across my body until I was drenched. Then she applied the scrub, which smelled absolutely amazing! I was scrubbed down, rinsed, turn on my stomach. I was drenched and scrubbed again. It was great, I loved it. When that was done, I was led back to the spa lounge with a fresh glass of water to relax before the last leg of my journey.

Last was the wrap, a Chocolate Mint Wrap. I was "painted" with a chocolate mint mud. I say painted because they used a paint brush to apply the mud, weird, but it did a great job of getting it evenly spread. Then I was wrapped in plastic, then a sheet, then a heated mat, like I was in a cocoon. I'm not really claustraphobic, but this was pushing it just a little for me. After she wrapped me she massaged my head for about15 minutes, that was great and really helped me relax. It wasn't until the end that I started feeling the effects of being restricted. A little itch here, a little tickle there. Then I started to sweat and that made me uncomfortable. Luckily for me that was the end. When she unwrapped me I went from hot to very cold, quickly. The mud had an element to it, maybe the mint, it kind of reminded me of mint gum, you know the kind that makes your mouth cool when you breathe on it. So the fact that I was sweaty and had this Icy Hot thing going on. Anyway... I was wrapped in a towel and headed down to the sweddish shower. The shower was pretty cool. The cold water was not. She forgot to turn the hot water on and it was a weird little system that I could not figure out on my own. So I had to stick my head out of the room and wait for someone to come by and help me. Once I got the temperature right, it was great. The three walls of the shower each had four shower heads to hit down the body and then one huge shower head about 12 inches in diameter overhead. It was great. Then headed back to the room for lotion to be applied. Another glass of water and the spa lounge until I was ready to get dressed.

Three hours later I emerged feeling 100% relaxed. It was absolutely amazing. I have never felt that decadent or pampered and loved every single minute of it. There are some things that just make me feel definitely like a grown up and this was one of them. Big thanks to my girlfriend, for the wonderful and thoughtful gift.

It's such a shame that I ended up going home and fighting with her.
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