Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My very first blog, ever

Ok, so here goes.

Today is just like every other day I guess. Every day is different, yet somehow the same.

I found out this past weekend that my 12 year old daughter had tried smoking. I was really shocked. Not because I have any delusions that she is perfect and will never get into any trouble (she causes enough of it). It's just that... she HATES it. Or so I thought. She complains about not being able to breathe any time she is around it, yet the curiousity sucked her in anyway. I honestly didn't know what to do; punish her, ground her, forbid her from being out of sight, pat her down before every venture outside of the house, remove all aids for covering up smokey breathe, do a breathe check at random intervals, give her a pack and tell her to smoke it all one after another. Hell I don't know, it's not like I have a role model in my own mother. When she found out I was smoking she told me I might as well not hide it from her, but join her instead. Not exactly what I'm looking for, for my own daughter. I'm sure as hell not giving her my permission. So in the end I just ended up having a long discussion with her and limiting the amount of time she spends with her friends. Any other suggestions?

The L Word Discussion - (could contain spoilers)
In other news. My best friend, Friend Since High School, came over to watch The L Word. Since she has to be at work so early I DVR it on Sundays and she comes over on Mondays to watch it with us. It was a great episode. We all cried in almost every scene with Dana in it. I felt so bad for Carmen. I have so been in that position, saying something before I realize the impact it will have. Alice just cracks me the fuck up! I love her. When will Jenny ever have a healthy relationship? I don't pretend to know what Moira/Max is going thru right now, I just want Jenny to get a shot at a good relationship. Anyway, I can't wait until next week. I don't know what I'll do when this season ends. :( Cry maybe...
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