Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Roller Coaster

So, on with the rest of my weekend.

Saturday - started out boring, just paying bills, updating and balancing our bank accounts. Then met a friend for lunch. I met her online, she was going to be moving to the area and was looking to meet some friends here. We've talked since October and finally met this weekend. We had a great time getting to know each other, talking about her new job and some of the things she has discovered so far. Afterwards I went home and my girl was awake. (She works overnight right now). Hung out with her for awhile then I got back online while she took a shower and got ready to go to her friend's house. Anyway, I logged onto a site I frequent and had a message from a girl who was like my sister growing up. Her father and my mother lived together for 5 years. It was so cool that she found me on there. So I sent her a message with my phone number and waited for her to call. Which she did, after she got off work, we were partying at a friend's. But I went outside and talked to her for a long time, just trying to catch up. It was so cool! We have plans to meet up Tuesday.

Sunday - Whoa! More fighting with my GF, big time! I don't know what is wrong with us lately. Or maybe it's just me. Part of the problem is we quit smoking AGAIN Sunday.

Monday - Fought with my sister. Hmmm... I seem to be the common denominator. I'm just fed up with her right now. She still owes money for January's rent much less February and still owes me a lot of money on my credit card for bailing her out of jail last October. She hardly works, hangs out with friends constantly, barely makes it home in the morning to take the kids to school. She agreed to take her daughter and my oldest to school when we moved so they wouldn't have to switch schools. I leave at 6:20 yesterday, no sister. She did make it home in time but I asked her "Could you not just be home before I leave so I don't have to worry about it or start making other plans?" She had to nerve to say "Can I just live my life?" Well excuse me but it seems she is living her life... She works when she wants to, she hangs out with her friends when she wants to, she take no responsibility for her daughter (no signing school work, no helping with homework, no making sure her room is clean, no making sure she bathes or brushes her teeth, or even eats for that matter), she comes and goes as she pleases, and doesn't even pay any bills. My GF and I can not afford to support her and my niece on top of all our bills and taking care of 3 kids and picking up the slack for what disability doesn't pay for with my mom. So... in the end... I evicted her. I know she doesn't really have anywhere else to go but chances are she's get her ass to work to make enough to get her a room in a motel. Or she'll realize how good she does have it, apologize, and swear to make it up to me. Or she'll just refuse to leave. I gave her until the end of the week. So we will see.

So, we watched The L Word last night. Carmen was cracking me up. I could so relate to her, although I didn't go that far. Angus and Kit are so cute. I feel so bad for Bette and Tina, I wonder what is going to happen with them. I thought it was ironic thought that she was telling Tina that she was breaking up their home, I seem to remember her starting that by having an affair in the first place. I don't know, they are doing a great job of making my heart feel for both of them. I'm so ready for Jenny to have a good relationship. I wonder if she would be offering to pay for this surgery if she knew what Max was doing at the restaurant. Alice is doing an amazing job being there for Dana. I wonder though if Laura will come back...
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