Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Friends don't let friends ride bulls drunk

So I went out to the local country bar with BFF, her husband, and BFF's friend from work (we'll call her R) Friday night. I'm not a big country music fan but BFF and her husband are, plus I do enjoy two stepping and BFF's husband is the best! R decided to take on the mechanical bull. She was so cute up there, trying to figure out how to hold on to the damn thing. She stayed on for quite awhile, I was impressed. But inevitably she fell off. We laughed and high five'd and returned to our table. I went out to dance and when I came back BFF was white as a sheet and told me R cut her knee when she fell off. Poor BFF, she has a very weak stomach, just hearing about it was making her sick. BFF sent R and C off to the bathroom to get a better look. As they passed me R leaned in and whispered "They think I'm really hurt but it's just a rug burn". A rug burn that landed her in the emergency room getting staples, pain killers, and a splint to immobolize her leg. We had fun cuttin up in the waiting room, bless her heart she was a really good sport. BFF sent her hubby and C back with R because there is no way BFF could handle that scene. So R is in some pain now but says that the bull will not win, she is getting back on him. We will be there to support her in her mission to conquer the bull. You go girl!
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I'm getting all my letters mixed up. I feel like I'm algebra again. If A + B = C, then what is X? And if a train left Albany with C on board, and another train left Topeka with R on board, how long would it take for GDG to remember who BFF is?
LOL, now I'm not even sure. Sheeesh!

Oh wait BFF is Best Friend Forever. We've been best friends since high school.
  At 6:13 PM Blogger Mar said:
Hehehe is this a country alphabet dance you guys do?
  At 7:12 PM Blogger Zoe said:
Sounds like a good time to me.