Monday, April 17, 2006

3 day weekend

At some point there has to some end in sight. Right? I had a 3 day weekend so things should have been good. Right? Where did it all go wrong?

Friday - I had to get up early to take C to work and figured I might as well get some things done. I got my oil changed, a little overdue. Then went to get my tire replaced. I've been riding on a donut for about a week now. Turns out my other back tire was just has bad. So, I replaced them both. Spent way more than I had imagined. But then again, what do I know about this shit. NOTHING! Of course as soon as I have it done my BFF and my sister tell me, you should've gone here or you should've gone there, where it would have been much cheaper. DAMN! Where the hell were you two all week. Obviously no one felt the need to hand out their advice BEFORE I got the tires replaced. Just my luck!

Saturday - This day started out just as early. My phone rings at 4:45 am. Who is it? Why my sister of course. Why is she calling so early in the morning? She's in jail. Now you know this was hard for me to believe. I mean my sister never gets in any trouble. Ha! Great. Not only do I not have the money to bail her out, I don't want to. I'm tired of forking over money to help her out of the situations she gets herself into. Then I feel guilty because she would do it for me. But she's never had to. I've been bailing her out of some kind of trouble all her life. I do it because she really is a good person and I'm an eternal optimist, always believing she will get her life straight. Her problem is every time she gets through one obstacle she relaxes instead of going out there and tackling the next thing to start to pull herself out of the pit. So this poses a whole new set of problems. She took the girls to school each morning. Now I'm stuck trying to figure out how I'm going to manage that. Just my luck!

Sunday - We had a pretty good Easter considering the circumstances. I tried not to stress out about this new development and enjoy the day. My kids were so excited about the Easter bunny coming I think they were up before the crack of dawn. We went to my GF's sister's to visit and then cooked hamburgers on the grill. The ex picked the kids up at 4:30 for his week and I got to spend evening just relaxing. We watched Derailed on DVD and headed to bed.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
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  At 7:47 AM Blogger Syd said:
The situation with your sister is a difficult one. I think i know what most "experts" would say to do, but I wonder if any of them actually have had to turn their back on a sibling.

I hope she'll grow up soon.

In the midst of all of this, I'm glad your kids enjoyed the Easter bunny. That's more important than the rest of this put together, don't you think?

Hope you have an uneventful week!
  At 7:49 AM Blogger Syd said:
How funny - we were commenting on each other's blog at the exact same time.

It doesn't take a whole lot to amuse me, I'm afraid.
  At 9:39 AM Blogger Unbalanced said:
LOL great minds think alike I guess. Or maybe that just something some dumbass made up!

You are so right about the "experts". It's hard to turn your back on someone you love so much, especially when their success directly effects a child.

I am so glad we were able to enjoy our Easter yesterday. The kids are what makes it all worth it!
  At 8:24 PM Blogger SassyFemme said:
I hate buying new tires. I went through a couple of years where I was always going over nails, and they'd go in some way so that the tire couldn't be fixed. One time it wasn't a nail, but a wrench. HTF do you run over a wrench so it pops straight up into your tire?!?! Only me!

Sorry about the situation with your sister. Hope things work out okay for her, and you.
  At 9:47 PM Blogger Mar said:
Sorry about the situation with your sister. I think it's time to make YOU happy!
  At 7:27 AM Blogger Unbalanced said:
Sassy, a wrench? WTF, I mean that is crazy. I'm remembering something about a recycle bin or trash can and your car... It's a wonder you drive anymore. I think I'm in the same boat though. Just last week I backed along side a parked car (it was parked WAY to close to me) of course I hit it and about tore my bumper off. Perhaps I should give up driving myself.

Mar - I know I need to do that, but part of what makes me happy is knowing that my family is ok and taken care of. Now if only they would take care of their damn selves I might regain my sanity.
I know didley squat about cars but I thought you had to replace all four if one goes bellyup?
  At 3:17 AM Blogger pack of 2 said:
Thanks for reminding me...I need to get my oil changed & tires rotated...Wonder when I will actually do it though?

  At 7:07 AM Blogger Unbalanced said:
Bent, I don't know. I really have no knowledge in this area. I'm lucky I can put gas in my car.

Shelly, anytime, but get on it fast. Before you know it you've missed an entire cycle. I know I did, 6000 miles after my last oil change I finally got around to getting one. Not too good on the car maintenance.