Thursday, April 13, 2006

Daddy 911

A situation happened last night that made me feel very under-qualified as a parent. Here is the conversation that ensued involving my 5 year old son TurtleBug, my sister Beanie Lou Lou, and the ex.
BLL - Your son is yelling for you, something is wrong with his (insert name for boy's private area).
Me - (I go into the bathroom where he is taking a shower) What's wrong TB?
TB - (standing there soaking wet, holding himself) My (insert name for boy's private area) hurts.
Me - Um, ok. Let me see if it is red.
TB - I can't, it hurts.
Me - (After a few rounds of this I leave the bathroom and head to my bedroom)
BLL - What are you going to do?
Me - Uh, I don't know about boy parts! I'm calling his dad. Duh! (as I grab my cell phone)
I mean what was I supposed to do. I was at a total lost! I really had no idea what to do. I mean what the hell kind of problems do boys have? I'm clueless. Um... suddenly dealing with a PMSing, hormonal, almost 13 year old raving lunatic (at times, well it does seem that way) isn't so bad. At least I was there at one time.
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  At 6:11 PM Blogger Mar said:
Hmmm...that one is kinda hard, specailly if you don't know what in the world is happening to his "part". He is just 5yrs. hell...what can be happening down there? Does he play with it? Hope it wasnt anything "big".
  At 6:21 PM Blogger Unbalanced said:
I know right!!! I don't see him play with it THANK GOODNESS!!! I still don't know what happened, whatever it was just sort of went away.
  At 9:05 AM Blogger Syd said:
My dad always said he was going to amputate whatever we complaining about. Amazing how quickly we recovered from some of our ailments. And yes...I knew the word amputate at 5. He would pull out his pocket knife and illustrate the procedure, lol.

Not that I recommend this ...I'm just sayin'.
Damn Lorena Bobbit (sp?) um I mean Syd. That is quite drastic. *thinking* But, it might just work...