Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cowboys and Indians

Well... minus the Cowboys.

So a few weeks ago we went to Oklahoma for C's birthday. Her friend at work, MJ, has a birthday the day before C's and was going camping near her home town at the Comanche Pow Wow in OK and invited us along for a weekend of partying, eating, and of course camping.

First off, let me just point out that I do not camp. My last camping experience was when I was a young child and the only thing I remember about it was it rained. Alot. Our tent leaked. Not fun. In fact, my idea of camping would be pretty close to the picture on the left, Luxury Camping. Now C on the other hand grew up camping. Every weekend they didn't already have something to do her parents would pack up the 5 kids and off they'd go to camp somewhere, anywhere really.

So here we are, finding ourselves going on a camping trip for two nights. To say I was less than excited is irrelevant. However, since it was her birthday and all I agreed to go. (ok, so maybe there might've been a not so small incentive thrown my way, involving trying something we've never done, i.e. getting freaky in a tent.)

Problem is, since we don't camp we don't have a tent. MJ has a huge tent that she said we could sleep in too. Of course C already knows the first thing popping in my head about sharing their tent and declines saying we will just get one. Low and behold MJ says her oldest son has a two-man tent we can use. Perfect!

So we left on Friday, early afternoon. It's only about a 3 1/2 hour drive so we got to her mom's house by late afternoon. Bless her mother's heart, she already got us some camping space and parking stickers. We headed out to the campsite to set up camp. Imagine my surprise when they pulled out our tent and it looked like a kids tent, lol. I swear the bottom of it was no bigger than a toddler bed and you could sit up in it and that was it. LMAO, this thing was small.

The Pow Wow was great! We ate some great food, one of which was Fry Bread. As anyone had this? It was awesome. We got to see lots of Indian dances, the costumes were gorgeous. There was a contest of sorts to elect the Indian Princess for the next year. And the elders played a hand game near our tent. It's some sort of gambling game where one person on one team as to guess who on the opposing team in holding the bones that may or may not have been passed on during the drumming. Honestly, was too drunk most of the time to really get a handle on the game so that's the best explaination I have for you.

I made C sick on a carnival ride that was some sort of spinning ride. hehehe. We walked and walked and walked. There were booths set up with some of the most beautiful hand crafted items. We drove home on Sunday morning, yes I did sleep two damn nights in that damn tent, freezing my ass off. However, we really did have a good time. Even if I didn't get my incentive ;)
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great post! I have to say that I DID think you had stayed in the PICTURE TENT you posted....but, it sounds like it all went great!
Were you cold?
It was hot during the day and very cold at night. But I sleep better in the cold so that was good. :) I wish I'd been in the tent in the picture!!!
  At 10:04 AM Blogger r.d. said:
What the hell is the point of camping. Did it when I was a kid but no more, no thanks. Sounds like you managed ok, good for you.
  At 6:19 PM Blogger SassyFemme said:
It sounds like you had a good time. I don't think I could ever sleep in a tent, though.
  At 5:05 PM Blogger Zoe said:
I love camping, sleeping in tents, in sleeping bags,hiking, campfires...I love it. Sounds like fun, hope C followed through with her bribe.

How long til SG show?
The first and only time I went camping was in the military. The experience wasn't exactly pleasant since it rained and the drill sergeants(sp) gassed us. Oh, and I didn't have my gas mask on. Fun times!
  At 9:17 AM Blogger Unbalanced said:
r.d. - it really wasn't that bad. Certianly not something I want to do often and not in that size tent. Besides, by the time it was time for bed, I was drunk and didn't care where I slept :)

Sassy - not even the luxury tent I posted a pic of? Now that kind of camping I think I could enjoy.

Zoe - 5 MORE DAYS!!!! Can you believe it? I'm so excited!!!

Bent - well that explains a lot. :) j/k you know I heart you!
  At 2:46 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
I haven't been camping since I was a kid. My Dad used to take us round the highlands and islands. Glad you had a good time! :D
I am so laughing, but I think that it is simply because I am a recent camping "convert".