Wednesday, August 23, 2006

WARNING: Boring material ahead

I really am a bad blogger. As "unbalanced" as my life is and it does change so often, really things just sort of stay the same. We're back to homework battles as the kids are in their second week of school. My son started kindergarten this year and was so excited. It was hard to drop him off that first day and he's been running himself to exhaustion for the past 10 days. He's so afraid he's going to miss something that he doesn't want to stop for a second. So needless to say, bedtime has been a "challenge". He had his first homework this week, and "All About Me" poster. He's so cute working intently on his "homework". One of the things on it said "When I grow up I want to be..." and he responded "a grown up". LOL, makes sense to me.

C and I have a date Saturday night, I'm so excited. We haven't been on a date in forever. I'm really looking forward to spending some one on one time with her, something we get so little of. She has just 6 months of school left, I can't wait! Next weekend is a 4 day holiday from school, a break I know she needs badly.

My best friend is going thru a really hard time right now and my heart goes out to her so much. I know exactly how she feels and I hope she finds comfort in that. It's so hard to watch someone you love so much go through so much pain and be able to do so little about it. I pray for her every night and just hope she finds some peace.

We got a call last night while we were not home on behalf of my sister. Because neither C nor I were home they weren't able to leave any information because we are the only ones on the list and said they would call back. I'm praying that it means she was moved to the "treatment community" yesterday. She said that once she goes we'd get a phone call, so I hope that was it and I'm keeping my fingers crossed while waiting for them to call back.

Ok well, other than that not much has been going on. Sorry it was so boring but I thought I should make an appearance. :)
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  At 11:37 AM Blogger BD said:
What makes a bad blogger?
One who doesn't blog regularly :) That would be me.
  At 5:04 PM Blogger Zanne said:
Nothing boring about it my friend! Just glad to know what's going on. :) Sorry to hear about your best friend. It is indeed hard to feel so powerless when someone you love is in pain, but I'm convinced that your prayers are helping in ways you probably can't see. Have fun on your date with C. Take care! Hugs!
  At 8:28 AM Blogger Trop said:
Date nights are SO important for a relationship. I know it is hard with kids and life, but we try to make time for a date night every week.
You are so right TP and we haven't had one in a long while. I'm so looking forward to it.

Thanks Zanne, I appreciate your well wishes a lot. I'm glad you don't mind reading my boring updates :)
  At 11:29 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
You're not in the least bit boring, you daft thing! I'm so pleased to read a new post!

Best wishes to your best friend. I hope your date goes brilliantly! :)
JULES! Long time no see! I'm glad you stopped by. It's nice to see you again.
  At 4:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
And you honey. :)
  At 7:56 PM Blogger SassyFemme said:
That wasn't boring. That's just day to day life. I don't go reading blogs of people who are living these wild crazy lives (and Lord knows I'm not!), I read blogs of people who are kind, decent, caring people, because its WHO they are that I enjoy interacting with, not the crazy lives they live. So blog whatever, however you want! :)
  At 8:31 AM Blogger Unbalanced said:
Sassy, you are such a sweet and kind person. Thank you for you words, what a smart girl you are. I realized that I feel the same exact way. I love reading blogs of real people with everyday lives.