Friday, August 04, 2006

Full house and conversations

Ok, well not much going on lately but I thought I'd do a quick update and then on to an amusing conversation I had with my oldest daughter (OD). I'm fighting side effects from a new medication I'm now taking, my niece has returned home from her grandparents, C's sister and brother-in-law found theirselves homeless and so have moved in "for a few weeks", and my sister is still in jail still waiting to be transered to the rehab center. So as you can see my house has rapidly filled up once again.
So, on to this conversation... Just a little background first. The company I work for quit "writing new business" about 3 years ago, since then we have just been maintaining the business we currently have. We've had several lay offs reducing our staff to about 1/3 of what it once was. Somehow I've been able to avoid that fate so far. So the conversation came after we had a wonderful visit down on the coast with some family.
OD - Mom we should move there. Please can we move there?
C - Yeah, we should move there, it would be so great.
Me - No, we're not moving. I have a good job here.
C - I could transfer to the location there and you could get a different job.
OD - Yeah, besides you're just going to get laid anyway.
Me - *mouth hanging to the floor in shock* What?
OD - Well... isn't everybody at your job getting laid?
(at this point C and I just crack up laughing)
Me - *still laughing* Honey. You mean laid off.
OD - Ok, well same thing.
Me - No honey, getting laid means *whispers* to have sex
OD - *turns bright red and giggles* Oh *then turns around and walks out
(C and I just howl with laughter, oh such innocence)
I guess I'm glad she didn't know what "getting laid" meant. Of course I was thinking hell if i'm gonna get laid I better start packing. :D
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  At 4:25 PM Blogger SassyFemme said:
Oh too funny! How old is she?

I'm so refusing to make any reference to your needing to get packing if you're going to get laid. ;)
  At 4:59 PM Blogger Zanne said:
That is too funny, girl! Your daughter sounds like a real sweetie, just like her mom! Have a great weekend in that full full house! :D
  At 7:26 AM Blogger Unbalanced said:
Sassy, she's 13. I'm so relieved you refrained from making a comment about packing :)

Zanne, thanks for the compliment, she is a sweetie.
lol... the innocence of children!!!

Hope you're OK!!
  At 3:25 AM Blogger tooners said:
the conversation w/ the kids was too cute!

nice blog, btw. :)
  At 7:27 AM Blogger Unbalanced said:
Thanks tooners :)