Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rock Climbing

C and I had a date a few weeks back (and for reasons unknown to me I'm just now blogging about it). We went rock climbing! Ok, well no one told me that I was gonna have to use muscles. That shit was hard at times. Also, next time I do this I will cut my nails BEFORE attempting to grab onto something the size of a piece of gum and pulling my body weight in a vertical motion. My nails went POP POP POP. Well, lets just say that I did a lot more belaying than I did climbing :) Afterwards we went out to dinner and then to a friends for a little garage partying. All in all we had a fabulous time.

The next morning we went bowling with her sister and her husband. It was a lot of fun. I was so proud of myself because neither of these things (rock climbing and bowling) are something I would normally do. I have a bad habit of being creatively challenged (lazy) and don't tend to want to do things out of my comfort zone. Gee, guess the anti-depressants are working.
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  At 6:17 PM Blogger Zanne said:
You go girl!! Glad to hear you're having adventures!!! Hugs!
  At 7:56 PM Blogger SassyFemme said:
Rock climbing? Holy moly! I'd be afraid of hurting more than just my nails!

It sounds like it's all good though, and I'm glad for you.
  At 9:33 PM Blogger Syd said:
Yay! So good to see you posting.

Rock climbing! I don't think I would have done that even in my daredevil days. Good for you!!

Did you hurt like hell the next day?
  At 8:44 AM Blogger Unbalanced said:
It was really fun but I got worn out easily, lol. I'm a wuss. It was fuckin hot in there too. Ewwww I don't like to sweat with my clothes on. I did hurt the next day, considering I'd used muscle that thought they were on a permanent vacation.
i went to an indoor place and loved it. did you make knock all the pins down. what do they call that, a strike?
You didn't cut your nails?! Did you wear a skirt and high heels, too? hehehe

Good job! Color me impressed. :)
  At 5:41 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
You're a braver woman than I! Rock climbing? The thought of it makes me feel tired. :)
  At 7:26 AM Blogger Unbalanced said:
Oh wait, I didn't makes this clear. We went to an indoor rock climbing gym. I'm not adventurous enough to climb a REAL rock. Oh hell to the no!

Afuntanilla, I did get a couple of strikes, however I also had a couple of frames where I didn't knock any down at all. It's a shame really.

Bent, what's wrong with wearing a skirt and heels??? Had to give my girl something to look at! hehehe

Jules, it was definitely a workout. Yet at the same time it felt good to do something different and exert some energy in a new activity. ;)
  At 1:53 AM Blogger tooners said:
never been rock climbing but have wanted to try it. can't imagine trying it w/ long nails. i love to bowl but haven't been in a while.

nice post!