Thursday, August 24, 2006

Good news from my sister

My sister has been transfered "treatment community". I'm so excited. She'll be there for 6 months but with good behavior will be able to come home after a month or so for 8 hours at first. Of course we won't be able to see her for about 4 weeks while she's getting settled in and we are taking classes. She gave me a list of items she needs and there's a fuckton of them. C's getting them all together and taking them to the facility today. I was so excited that she actually got to talk to me to tell me what she needed. She sounded so relieved to finally be out of that jail and said it is nice there. Did I mention she was ecstatic?
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  At 4:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Brilliant! :D I hope it goes well for her.
  At 3:46 PM Blogger anna said:
I second what Jules said. Hope everything works out for everyone.
  At 2:03 AM Blogger tooners said:
I've only started reading your blog as of late... so I'm not real up to what's happening, but I'm glad things are going better. It's good that you guys are taking classes... that is always helpful.
  At 2:34 AM Blogger Unbalanced said:
Jules, Anna - thank you girls, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things go well.

tooners - thanks for coming by. I always love newbies :) come back anytime.
  At 11:48 AM Blogger Zanne said:
Wonderful news! Hope things keep going in this great direction! Blessings to you all! Hugs!
Thank you Zanne. You're such a doll!
  At 7:58 PM Blogger SassyFemme said:
This is wonderful. I bet the four weeks will pass quickly and then you'll be able to see her!
Fantastic news! :)