Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pride Ended with a Bang

We went to pride Sunday before last and had so much fun. I met up with some people that I know, hung out, caught beads (did not have to flash for them) and various other objects being hurled at us. I drank way too much, hell most of us drank way too much. It rained off and on the entire day, we were soaked. Of course as we are about to leave a torrential downpour begins. This is how the day ended. Damn rain!

Beer: $23
Gas: $10
Beads: Free
Fun had at Pride: Priceless
Beer plus water on the road: $9451

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  At 5:31 PM Blogger Zoe said:
  At 8:48 PM Blogger Syd said:
OMFG! Girl... I am SOOOO sorry to hear this.
  At 2:10 PM Blogger Trop said:

Ummm... hate to sound like the mother I am, but did you have a designated driver?
  At 5:43 PM Blogger Zanne said:
Oh sweetie, hope everyone is OK!!!!!!!!!!!
oh, and by the way, I want one of those banners! ;)
  At 9:08 PM Blogger SassyFemme said:
Oh no!!! You poor thing! Are you guys okay?
  At 9:31 AM Blogger Unbalanced said:
Thanks guys. No one was hurt at all, thankfully. We were lucky that no other cars were involved, that was a blessing. 'm waiting to hear from the insurance company about whether they are going to total it or not.

Trop - we did have a designated driver, thanks for looking out.

Zanne - I totally agree about the banner, I want one too!
  At 10:51 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Glad you had a good time at least. :) It's been years since I've been to Pride. Maybe next year. :D

I'm so glad you are okay xx
  At 1:03 PM Blogger Sapphire said:
Shame on you.